Authorities remove the artillery shell discovered by a Lakeside homeowner Sunday. Photo credit: OnScene.TV

A Sheriff’s bomb squad responded to a Lakeside home Sunday morning after a resident cleaning up his backyard discovered an artillery shell.

The homeowner and his father were clearing weeds as he had recently bought the house in the 9000 block of Jennings Vista Circle.

While pursuing the task, according to OnScene.TV they discovered the shell in the dirt. They said it seemed old and had been in the ground for some time.

A San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Bomb and Arson Squad arrived to remove the item, which they said appeared to be a 120mm artillery shell.

Lakeside fire also responded to the scene.

A construction crew found a World War I artillery shell Wednesday at a job site near the Oceanside Transportation Center. The discovery prompted a road closure and evacuations until a Camp Pendleton bomb squad safely removed the shell.

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