Granny flat
Example of a “granny flat.” Photo via

The city of San Diego asked residents Monday to give their feedback on a draft outline of future housing policy and goals.

General comments on the outline are welcome, as are suggestions for accomplishing goals like incentivizing homeowners to build granny flat units and housing older residents. The feedback will be used to update the housing blueprint in the city’s general plan.

According to city officials, the housing blueprint, which is updated every eight years, will include plans to build roughly 108,000 housing units for all income groups by 2029.

“As San Diego continues to grow and change, this document will serve as a policy framework intended to guide housing strategy citywide and identifies actions to help meet housing goals,” city Planning Director Mike Hansen said. “It’s important we include the public’s ideas as we move toward the completion of the document.”

Residents can submit comments and suggestions to the city’s Planning Department through Dec. 20. City staff will use the comments to prepare the final housing outline draft, which will be presented to the City Council for adoption at a future date.

— City News Service