Gavin Newsom during the 2018 campaign. Photo by Chris Stone

Gov. Gavin Newsom predicts the national Republican Party will suffer the safe fate as California’s and is destined for the “waste bin of history.”

Newsom, a Democrat, drew parallels with the precipitous decline of the California GOP after former Gov. Pete Wilson threw his support behind anti-immigrant Proposition 187 in 1994.

“America in 2019 is California in the 1990s,” Newsom said in an interview published Monday on the national website Politico. “The xenophobia, the nativism, the fear of ‘the other.’ Scapegoating. Talking down or past people. The hysteria. And so, we’re not going to put up with that. We are going to push back.”

Proposition 187 would have prevented undocumented immigrants from using health care, public education, and other state services. It was approved by voters, and Wilson was re-elected to second term, but the law was ultimately overturned by the courts.

Since then, the Democratic Party has grown to super-majority status in the California Legislature, and Democrats have held the Governor’s office since 2011.

Newsom said that as with Wilson’s support for Proposition 187 in a changing California, President Trumps’s vilification of immigrants in an similarly evolving America will send the national Republican party “into the waste bin of history…That’s exactly what will happen to this crop of national Republicans.”

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