San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer. Photo by Chris Stone

The mayors of San Diego and Tijuana announced Friday that significant progress has been made on several initiatives, including making it easier for companies do to business on both sides of the border and developing a human-trafficking awareness program.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Tijuana Mayor Dr. Jorge Astiazaran had signed a memorandum of understanding in 2014 that called for department directors from both cities to meet several times a year.

The meetings were designed to foster communication between officials to improve the innovation economy, attract new investment, strengthen cross-border infrastructure, enhance global tourism industries and protect the environmental.

“We are setting an international example of what two cities can achieve when they work together as one binational region,” Faulconer said. “Thanks to the collaboration of our local governments, we are growing our innovation economies, keeping our cities safer and bringing together San Diegans and Tijuana residents to foster greater understanding.”

“Together, we are building a better future for people on both sides of the border,” Faulconer said.

“Due to the close relationship and partnership with Mayor Faulconer, we advocate for public policy and promote our dynamic economy, to continue to grow the competitive advantages our region offers and increase the quality of life in our mega region,” Astiazaran said.

The mayors held a panel discussion, followed by a news conference this morning at the University of California, San Diego’s Institute of the Americas.

–City News Service

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