Landscape near Jacumba Hot Sprints
The landscape near Jacumba Hot Springs in East San Diego County. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The recent hearing in a San Diego courtroom regarding the release of another sexual predator into Jacumba Hot Springs is a bridge too far.

Eleven of 14 county sexual predators are already housed in rural East County, and it’s clear that the springs’ notoriety for having a clothing-optional resort plays a role in stigmatizing this dusty outpost in San Diego County’s high desert.

I have come to know the local residents through the unlikely confluence of my passion for health, nutrition and the sport of triathlon. And yes, I’m an advocate for healthy nudism, as a tonic for cleansing both mind and body in balance with nature.

Sadly, nobody in Jacumba Hot Springs seems to have the political pull to end this unethical practice of disproportionately placing sexual deviants in this remote area. And it seems the authorities back in San Diego consider this area fair game. Perhaps it’s because of the nudist resort.

But when a society is choke full of opioid addiction, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, road rage, not to mention poor nutrition, poor sleep and uncontrolled obesity, that same society ought not lecture those of us who try to be healthy, happy and a tribute to humanity. It’s hypocrisy to equate the presence of a peaceful nudist resort with sexual predation. But that perception seems to be accepted downtown.

The State of California and County of San Diego are showing no respect to my friends in Jacumba Hot Springs and I’m upset because these local residents quite frankly are better than those of my own neighborhood. It reminds me of the classic French movie “King of Hearts,” where the nuts are running the insane asylum.

Daniel “Danny” Smiechowski is a Clairemont resident, prolific writer on education issues and former candidate for San Diego City Council.