Julie Schlutz, the “Woodworking Momma,” in her San Marcos workshop. Courtesy photo

San Marcos mom Julie Schlutz has always loved building. She said she became a handy worker as a child while learning how to fix things around the house. She also loved shows such as “Hometime” and “Home Again with Bob Vila.” 

“I remember as a kid I told my parents that I would eventually build my own house,” Schlutz said. “In 2018, my husband decided to take the ‘Intro to Woodworking’ class at Palomar College as a hobby. He thought I would enjoy it so I started taking classes in the Woodworking Program and absolutely found my passion.”

Today, Schlutz is raising two kids while living her dream of building custom furniture and products for customers around San Diego County. She’s also expanding her skills by taking more classes at Palomar College. 

A gaming table created by Julie Schlutz. Courtesy photo

“There are many things I love about woodworking,” Schlutz said. “There is something quite satisfying about going from a drawing to having something physically in front of you. Working with my hands and being able to use my creativity is awesome, along with being able to develop a piece of furniture or cabinetry that is functional but also beautiful.” 

Although she has made many pieces over the last few years, she said some of her favorites have been a gaming coffee table that also converts as storage for games and a custom nightstand for her son. 

“My goal is to make something that fits the functional need for someone but that will also make them smile every time they see it,” Schlutz said. 

Best of all, she’s able to have a flexible schedule as a business owner — which means more quality time to spend with her kids. Her flexibility allows her to be proactive at her children’s school and extracurricular activities. 

But, she still has big dreams for her woodworking business. 

“Over the next five to 10 years, I hope to grow my business while maintaining that flexibility,” Schlutz said. “I am working on getting my cabinetmakers license which will open up the possibility of bigger projects like kitchens and full closets. I have so many creative ideas in my head and I hope that in the future they can come to fruition.”

For more information about Julie Schlutz and her work, go to WoodworkingMomma.com