Active seniors
Seniors can be as active and engaged as anyone in America. Photo via Pixabay

The time has come to permanently toss out the word “retirement” and replace it with “active aging.” A new San Diego program starting in October will help Baby Boomers approach their retirement as a dynamic new beginning.

The Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center has created a comprehensive 10-week “Retirement Academy” for those who have reached the next chapter, ready to embrace with stamina and meaning a reinvigorated continuation of life, filled with building a nourishing community and cultivating purpose. The program focuses on expanding one’s community and relationships — it is not a typical financial lecture on retirement.

According to Jordan Fruchtman, chief program officer at the JCC and originator of the program, “This expansive pathway provides a plethora of practical new considerations and opportunities no longer to just fill your life but create one that is truly ‘fulfilled.’ Some may even suggest we have now created a ‘new frontier’ for our Boomers.”

“Our approach has positioned relationships as our principal or core focus, content of the courses is secondary to the conversation,” said Fruchtman. “Boomers have become a substantial portion of today’s population, and in the next ten years there will be more people over 65 than children in the United States, and their quest for continuing purpose is perpetual. It was with all this in mind that we shaped and structured the curriculum.”

The program was introduced a few months ago, and immediately filled to capacity. Fruchtman was not surprised, as members of the community were intrigued by the content. “I was actually elated when I received calls after the program ended, informing me of cohorts staying connected through lunches, dinners, and home gatherings,” he said.

“In fact, some cohorts were actually creating companies together to better serve Boomers whose desire to assist local companies with accomplished executives whose valuable experience and knowledge would be respected by many entrepreneurial companies here,” he added.

The program will offer 10, two-hour courses on three different weekdays, a 3-month membership to the JCC, and a private coaching session with one of the experienced executive and retirement coaches.

The course fee is $500. A scholarship fund has also been established.

For more information go to or call Fruchtman at 858-362-1123.