The San Diego Sheriff’s Department distributed this message via Twitter.

Here is a list of the major developments in the coronavirus epidemic facing San Diego County, updated at 7:10 p.m. on Sunday, April 12.

There have been 1,804 cases and 45 deaths among San Diego County residents as of Sunday afternoon.

Across California there have been 21,794 cases and 651 deaths as of Sunday afternoon.

Across the United States, there have been 550,016 cases and 21,733 deaths as of Sunday afternoon, according to Johns Hopkins University.

San Diego County reported 43 new cases of coronavirus disease but no new deaths from the pandemic.

San Diego County public health officials are now releasing detailed demographic information daily about the victims of coronavirus disease.

A group of UC San Diego parents from China sent more than 20,000 masks, thousands of protective face shields, and full body suits to UC San Diego Health.

A professor of medicine and public health at UCLA writes that as we learn more about the coronavirus, it’s time to use that knowledge strategically to protect the vulnerable and allow most Californians to get back to normal life.

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Chris Jennewein

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