The Escondido Police Department released video footage of the events surrounding the fatal shooting of a homeless man by an officer who resorted to lethal force when the transient advanced on him with a 2-foot-long crowbar in his hand.

Patrolman Chad Moore opened fire on Steven John Olson, 59, in a strip mall near the intersection of Broadway and Second Avenue on the morning of April 21 after repeatedly ordering him to drop the metal tool and warning him that he otherwise was “you’re gonna get shot.”

The images, recorded by cameras on the uniforms of Moore and another officer, show Olson walking through commercial areas, wearing a face mask and carrying the metal prying tool and a squeegee.

When an officer responding to a report that Olson had been whacking parked cars with the crowbar in the area contacted him about 7 a.m., Olson, muttering and seeming confused or distracted, refused to drop the crowbar and ran off, the video footage shows.

Believing that Olson was under the influence of a drug, the officer “chose not to pursue (him) and force a confrontation, but instead remained on scene to contact the original reporting party and gather more information,” Escondido Police Department spokesman Lt. Kevin Toth said.

A few minutes later, Moore came upon Olson while responding to an unrelated burglary alarm and stopped to question him, Toth said.

“Officer Moore recognized Olson as the subject described in the previous 911 call, and he had had numerous contacts with him in the past,” Toth said, “Officer Moore attempted to address Olson from inside his vehicle using his loudspeaker, but Olson did not respond.”

The patrolman then got out of his cruiser, at which point the suspect, who had dropped the squeegee but was still holding the crowbar, “immediately advanced on him,” Toth said.

“Olson continued to advance on the officer, stating, quote, `You’ve got some problem’ and `You’re going to get hit,”‘ Toth said.

Pointing his gun at Olson while repeatedly ordering him to drop the tool or be shot, Moore retreated through some empty parking spaces and onto a concrete walkway outside a business with the suspect following him.

After backing up for about 65 feet, Moore fired seven shots from about six feet away from Olson, Toth said.

Police tried in vain to revive the suspect, who had suffered a half- dozen bullet wounds, before paramedics rushed him to a trauma center, where he was pronounced dead.

Over the last year, Olson, who had served a prison term for assault, was arrested four times in Escondido for threatening people with weapons — a box cutter, a knife, a piece of metal and a stick, Toth said.

Since January, Olson was the subject of at least 23 police calls for reported crimes, including trespassing and threatening behavior, according to Toth.

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