Chula Vista South Bay
Beautification efforts by Envision Broadway, a Chula Vista civic group. Photo credit:

Chula Vista Envision Broadway is taking on the future of the Broadway corridor, including ongoing efforts to beautify businesses with murals.

Representatives of Chula Vista Mayor John McCann and Council member Andrea Cardenas were on hand for a recent meeting of the organization’s Revitalization Committee, as well as mural artists, business owners, members of the Chula Vista Police Department’s Community Relations Unit and other stakeholders

The discussion also included public safety, preventing alcohol- and drug-related harm to youth and economic vitality along the Broadway corridor.

Upcoming projects discussed include South Bay Youth for Change, which will guide students and volunteers in painting murals focused on living alcohol- and drug-free.

The organization also has embraced Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles as a means for reducing crime and issues related to alcohol and drug activity.

Policy goals for the Revitalization Committee will start with creating a strategic plan for Envision Broadway that may include establishing a Business Improvement District and securing funding for a dedicated Chula Vista police officer to monitor community harm related to substance-use disorders.

The data that the committee may use to support its goals include calls for service along Broadway, results from a public safety survey and data provided by the Responsible Hospitality Coalition, which tracks the place of last drink for DUI offenders arrested in Chula Vista.

A map by the San Diego County Binge and Underage Drinking Initiative, officials said, reveals that there are more alcohol retailers along Broadway between C and Palomar streets than allowed by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Envision Broadway is a project of the Institute for Public Strategies, a nonprofit working with partners to create a thriving, multi-cultural business district to serve as the gateway to the bay, where the Chula Vista Bayfront project is underway.

Business owners, employees and residents are encouraged to join the Revitalization Committee by emailing Program Manager Sarah Boyer at or visiting Envision Broadway online.

The next meeting is scheduled for 3 p.m. Feb. 16 at the Chula Vista Police Department, 315 Fourth Ave.