Lake Murray
Might this be one of the places you choose to enjoy this holiday weekend? The reservoir there re-opened last weekend. Photo courtesy City of San Diego

The antsy in us is strong y’all. Really, if it’s Memorial Day weekend, we’re all ready for summer to start right about now – every year.

Yeah, it’s a little more complicated as we head into our third pandemic season (this all started in winter, remember, and Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer).

But we are getting good stuff back, like restaurants for one. Some opened up Thursday with new rules in place, and more will quickly follow. This weekend is certainly the time to check in on your favorite eats or even, gasp, take a stroll through the mall.

There also was wider access to Balboa Park this week, and we’re entering the second week of city reservoirs being open for walking, jogging and water activities. They include those at Miramar and Lake Murray and Lower Otay.

Scoop San Diego
You can try this delish dish or many more during Ice Cream Relief Week, starting Friday. Photo credit: @ScoopIceCream, via Facebook

Obviously though, to meet the summer head-on, and do a good deed, you must indulge in Ice Cream Relief Week.

Scoop San Diego, to promote the local businesses that do God’s work … ahem, we mean offer up that heavenly gift known as … alright, alright, they just serve ice cream. For almost two weeks beginning Friday, support local creameries and gelato shops as they recover from the Covid-19 closures. Your reward speaks for itself. Join them too on Instagram for the kickoff dance party at 4 p.m. Friday.

Butterflies – a sure sign of spring. But we’ve been stuck indoors all season, so Friends of Balboa Park brings the beauties to you from Bird Park via Facebook Live Saturday. Watch their Facebook page for the release of 100 butterflies.

How about a Memorial Day mystery? Moxie Theatre continues its Interactive ZoomFest with “Murder in the Zoom Room,” billed as a murder mystery show. Stream it on the Zoom app at 8 p.m. Saturday or 2 p.m. Sunday.

Not quite ready to head out into the world? For an omnibus list of online offerings for local museums, check out the San Diego Museum Council, which has collected links to nearly three dozen, venues, including the San Diego Museum of Art and the New Children’s Museum, to offer updates on live streams, art workshops, kids activities and much more.

– Staff reports