Draw and display Easter eggs pictures this year to embrace social distance egg hunts. Photo by Chris Stone

You know how you find Easter eggs on your favorite DVDs or Blu-Rays? That’s one way to go this year.

Never knew those would come in so handy on a social distancing Easter, huh?

Unless you want to try a honest-to-goodness social distance egg hunt. You would not be the first person. Del Mar’s doing it, and better yet, it’s artistic in case you need a new way to keep those young hands occupied. 

If you’re of a mind for an Sunday Easter service though, the pickings should be online. The Rock, the local Catholic Diocese and the Episcopal Diocese are planning online events for the biggest day on the Christian calendar.

They are just a few of the many churches across the region streaming via their web sites or Facebook Live. Local synagogues also will host online services Saturday for Passover – it began Wednesday and continues through Thursday.

One spring event of a more secular nature had been set to begin this weekend – Coachella. But you can hit play on Coachella: 20 Years in the Desert, at noon Friday. The festival bills the doc, premiering on YouTube, as them opening “up the vault for the very first time” to give fans the behind-the-scenes lowdown on the festival.

Prefer to do more than watch? Try “Sofa Shakespeare,” the brainchild of a local artist, Julia Giolzetti, who called for the like minded to come up with one-minute takes on the Bard, which she then splices together for a full performance of individual plays. Some people act from their rec rooms – others get into character via Snapchat, using filters to look ghoulish. Oh, and there’s finger puppets too. See the results on YouTube. Fans worldwide have joined in and in less than a month, she has put together three full plays. Up next – A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

One more thing to stream? How about “Some Good News?” Well, literally, yes, but that’s also what it’s called. John Krasinski of The Office and A Quiet Place fame, thought we all needed a little pick me up and in just one week, more than 1.5 million YouTube subscribers have proven him right. See him talk to old pal Steve Carell and the Hamilton cast – to please a wee fan who missed out on the show because of a COVID-19 cancellation.

There’s another big spring rite of passage, baseball, and you may have tried just about everything with your kids at this point, so how about going old school?

The San Diego Padres offer a bounty of printable activities via their Compadres Kids page, including coloring pages, puzzles and word searches. In addition, “Friar Fit”  features a 10-minute workout for kids led by the Pad Squad. But you ‘rents can join in too.

– Staff reports