Jin -Quan Yu in his laboratory. Courtesy Credit: John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Scripps Research and Bristol Myers Squibb announced Tuesday that Professor Jin-Quan Yu will hold a new $3 million endowed chair in chemistry focused on drug discovery at the La Jolla institute.

Yu, a pioneering chemist who has developed groundbreaking techniques in fields ranging from pharmaceuticals to materials science, will be the inaugural holder of the Bristol Myers Squibb Endowed Chair in Chemistry.

Bristol Myers Squibb and Scripps Research have had a long-standing relationship and we are proud to endow this chair to support transformative research with unrestricted funding,” said Rupert Vessey, president of research and early development at the New York-based pharmaceutical company. “We look forward to further groundbreaking chemistry to emerge from Scripps Research.”

Peter Schultz, president and CEO of Scripps Research, said the new chair will support biomedical breakthroughs by providing sustained, unrestricted funding.

“Jin-Quan’s creative insights and unconventional approach to organic synthesis have already transformed chemical processes used for developing new medicines and many other products that can impact people’s lives around the globe,” Schultz said

Yu joined the faculty at Scripps Research in 2007 and was named a MacArthur Fellow in 2016 after pioneering new methods in chemistry and enabling the development of new and beneficial chemical compounds.

“I’m honored that Scripps Research has named me to be the Bristol Myers Squibb Endowed Chair in Chemistry,” said Yu. “This support ensures my team has the flexibility and resources to continue to pursue the most interesting and high-impact ideas.”

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