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  1. The next best thing to a friend with a boat is Cruzin

    […] The next best thing to a friend with a boat is Cruzin One or two Cruzin rentals a month can typically offset monthly costs. Likewise … Each rental, and any sea trial involved with a rental, is covered by up to $ 2 million in hull insurance and $ 1 million in liability insurance, as well as Boat US towing … Read more on Charlotte Observer Fish-hungry Japan slashes tuna catch by 50% To spread the burden equitably, the Fisheries Agency has decided to split the yearly catch in half, so that ocean fleets relying on large net fishing and boats using fixed shore nets will be allocated roughly 2,000 tonnes each. "It took two years to … Read more on Aljazeera.com San Diego Ship Successfully Tests NASA's Orion Capsule Another navy ship, the USNS Salvor, assisted in the test, lowering the capsule into the Pacific Ocean off Southern California while the Anchorage positioned itself to recover the module, accounting for sea state, winds, and other environmental factors … Read more on Times of San Diego […]

  2. Nichelle Nichols fuels buzz for NASA Orion program in new video | borg.com

    […] asteroid and Mars”.  Check out a great article about a test near San Diego a few weeks ago here.  After the break, watch Nichols’ new video about the […]