Petco Park in downtown San Diego. Photo by Chris Stone

Baseball fans remained in limbo this week as team owners and players continued to do battle over the structure of a pandemic-shortened season – if there ends up being a season at all.

The Associated Press reported that players want “full prorated pay” for games that are played, and are dismayed at the owners’ unwillingness to negotiate.

“Rather than engage, the league replied it will shorten the season unless players agree to further salary reductions,” union leader Tony Clark said in a statement, according to the report.

Last month, baseball commissioner Rob Manfred secured owner approval of a proposal to return to the field in July, with a full slate of safety measures in place to protect players and personnel.

Now both sides appear to be in a stalemate, with the players rejecting a plan to play 82 games, but with lower-than-expected compensation, the AP reported.

Players countered with a proposal for a longer season and higher pay, which owners promptly set aside.

All of the proposals include some level of prorated pay, ranging from as low as 22% of regular player salaries to about 70%, according to the AP.

The San Diego Padres had been set to open the season at Petco Park against the Colorado Rockies on March 26. But baseball teams canceled spring training two weeks before that due to the coronavirus, leaving the season in doubt.

– Staff reports

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