Dan Jauregui, the former Chargers mascot Boltman, wears a mask over his mask at home. Photo via Jauregui

He was the unofficial Chargers mascot for decades. He fought to keep the team in San Diego. Through thick and thin — and lockdown — he’s still their No. 1 fan.

Dan “Boltman” Jauregui keeps the old blue-and-gold faith. But the Ramona Realtor, 54, has a new chant: testing, testing, testing.

He joins the health community in calling for a massive effort to pinpoint the spread of coronavirus to give the National Football League (and state governors) the data they need to reopen the economy and fill the stands.

Here’s our latest chat with a prominent San Diegan and how they’re faring in the Era of COVID-19:

Times of San Diego: How are you working during this pandemic? What telework tools are you using?

Boltman: It’s working out just great. Although the Bolt Cave is 500 feet below the surface, the internet feed is just fine down here through cable service and no COVID-19 infections down here to date.

I’m also working logistically on transitioning of Boltman to Los Angeles to be together once again with the entire Chargers fan base family, keeping the legacy of Boltman alive for generations of Charger fans to enjoy as they did in San Diego. Will see how that goes.

How many in your household — number of kids and adults? How are you all getting along?

Dan Jauregui, aka Boltman, speaks to NFL officials in 2015 about the legality of moving the Chargers. Photo by Chris Stone

I’m single. With great powers, comes great responsibility. Standing by, waiting for the call from the city mayor or the commissioner to get out there and help out my fellow Americans is important and so I devote my time to my responsibility, like many others have been doing.

A big salute and thank you to our frontline medical personnel and our essential workers out there who are making it possible to put supplies and food in people’s homes.

How are you getting food and other necessities? How often do you personally go out, or are you taking delivery mostly?

It’s impossible to get deliveries to the Bolt Cave. I have to go grocery shopping incognito. I’m respecting social distancing, though, which is great because my facemask is helping me not to be recognized.

Aside from official local, state and government channels, how are you getting news about the outbreak? How much social media do you use?

I find it best to watch as many different networks as possible and try to decipher what is fake news and what is honest news. Good luck with that, right?

How do you ward off negative emotions — fear, anxiety, depression? What steps are you taking to preserve mental and physical health?

How do I deal with fear, anxiety and depression? Well, I think about Matthew 6:27, “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” I also think about a great quote by Lao Tzu: “If you are depressed, you are living in the past, if you are anxious, you are living in the future, if you are at peace, you are living in the present.”

What else do you want people to know about your own personal response to the outbreak?

That I’m doing my part in helping family and friends with personal protective equipment and food supplies. Also, I’m helping those who are not well-informed on the ongoing Covid-19 outbreaks.

Most common question asked of me by Chargers fans: Will there be Chargers football this year? I don’t think anyone wants NFL football to start in September more than me.

Donald Trump’s prediction to open up NFL football in September is questionable, in my opinion. My response is that there will be no NFL football in 2020 if the U.S. is not properly prepared to meet the requirements prior to the 2020 NFL Football season. And how we do that is simply by testing! testing! testing! On a national level, not a local or state level.

We need to be testing by the millions each month. We also need more aggressive policies to identify and isolate potentially infected people immediately, followed by contact tracing.

We need to be prepared to respond and contain any rebound as to avoid any further escalations. Doing this today, not tomorrow, will give hope to be able to reopen for the 2020 NFL football season. Not doing any of that could easily mean that we won’t see any football until the 2021 season.

If a fictional character can map this out, anyone can.

Eighth in a series. We invite suggestions for interview subjects — prominent San Diegans in politics, business, nonprofits, sports and the arts. Write to Ken Stone, contributing editor, or post a comment.

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