San Diego Chargers. Photo credit: Chargers via Facebook.
San Diego Chargers. Photo credit: Chargers via Facebook.

With the Chargers solidified in last place in the AFC West, the team’s non-divisional opponents for 2016 have been finalized.

The divisions the team matches up with will be the AFC South and the NFC South.

Whether it’s in Los Angeles or San Diego, the team’s home opponents will be the Saints, Buccaneers, Titans, Jaguars and Dolphins.

On the other side, the team will be traveling  to play the Colts, Texans, Falcons, Panthers and Browns.

NFL owners are scheduled to meet on Jan. 12 or 13 in Houston to come to a final decision on which team, or teams, will play in Los Angeles next season.

The Chargers are expected to file for relocation on Jan. 4, the first day possible to do so.

If the Chargers and Raiders do end up moving to Carson next season, it’s likely that one team would change divisions. However, that would most likely only influence the divisional part of the schedule.