Waterfront Park
San Diego County’s Waterfront Park, a premium festival spot. Courtesy photo

The days of dodging scooters and skateboards on San Diego’s waterfront sidewalks and walkways may soon be coming to an end.

The Port of San Diego Board of Port Commissioners approved new regulations Tuesday to only allow motorized mobility devices — such as electric bikes, motorized pedicabs, motorized scooters, hoverboards, motorized boards and skateboards — to operate on roadways, parking lots, bike lanes, and streets.

They will be prohibited from operating on sidewalks, promenades, multi-use pathways, nature trails, piers, plazas, parking garages, parks, and piers. Pedal-only pedicabs will be allowed to operate on certain designated mixed-use sidewalks and pathways.

The board also voted to require all motorized and non-motorized pedicabs to have a Pedicab Operating Agreement as of February 15, 2024, which will include a code of conduct.

“We are putting public safety first, clearly designating pedicab routes, and supporting responsible pedicab companies and operators,” said Board of Port Commissioners chair Rafael Castellanos.

The new regulations, which go into effect in mid-December, also prohibit amplified sound and music from pedicabs, require official placards or decals, and prohibit children under 16 to operate a motorized device.

There will also exceptions allowing for ADA-compliant devices, such as motorized wheelchairs.

Violations of the code may result in citations or the suspension or termination of operating agreements. Once the new regulations go into effect, the public is encouraged to report complaints at (619) 725-6080, pedicabs@portofsandiego.org, or at portofsandiego.org/pedicabs.