Kate Callen
Kate Callen. Campaign photo

Kate Callen, a long-time North Park community activist and former journalist, has announced her candidacy for the San Diego City Council in District 3.

Callen, a Democrat, said she is running to give “residents and small business owners a seat at the table” when the city “decides the fates of their neighborhoods.”

“If the Mayor and the City Council can spend millions on bike lanes and squander tens of millions on 101 Ash Street, they can find the money to maintain Balboa Park, fix broken sidewalks, clear trash from our streets and canyons, and invest in the infrastructure we need to accommodate rampant growth,” Callen said.

She also said she will seek “sensible limits on multi-unit ADUs” and push to develop affordable housing.

Callen’s writing career included stints as United Press International’s San Diego bureau chief and speechwriter for four University of California CEOs. She co-founded the SoNo Neighborhood Alliance and served on the North Park Planning Committee. She is an alumna of the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University.

She will face incumbent Stephen Whitburn and at least one other challenger, trial attorney Colleen Cusack, in the March 5 primary.

District 3 includes downtown San Diego, South Park, North Park, Hillcrest and part of Mission Valley.

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.