Former San Diego Mayor Pete Wilson, at memorial for late San Diego County Sheriff Bill Kolender in 2015. Photo by Chris Stone

Former Gov. Pete Wilson explained his endorsement of President Donald Trump to Thursday, calling him someone with “very good judgment, and very good people around him.”

Wilson, a one-time San Diego mayor who also once held one of California’s Senate seats, told Politico Trump’s advisers are prepared to alert “him and the rest of the country to the fact that we are facing greater dangers than at any time since Ronald Reagan dealt with the Cold War.’’

The web site contacted Wilson after the President tweeted a list of Republicans, including former elected officials, high-level cabinet members and military leaders, who back him.

Joining WIlson on the list were Edwin Meese, an attorney general under President Reagan, and Haley Barbour, the former governor of Mississippi and more than 60 others.

The President sent out the tweet Thursday morning, hours before his late announcement that he and First Lady Melania Trump had tested positive for COVID-19.

The statement the Republican officials agreed to reads in part that “President Trump has bought a badly needed realism to American national security policy that puts the prosperity and security of the American people first.”

In conclusion, the group pledged “in the best interest of our nation and all Americans” that “we proudly will vote for him.”

Wilson served as San Diego’s mayor from 1971-83. He then became a U.S. Senator, a seat he held until 1991, when he became the state’s governor, winning two terms.

He sought the 1996 Republican nomination for president, but he became the first candidate to depart the race, after only a month on the campaign trail.

Wilson’s Trump endorsement drew quick criticism on social media Thursday, with many pointing to his support for the anti-immigrant Proposition 187 as a reason for Republican’s long slide in California, a firmly blue state.

One, Democratic state Senator Kevin de Leon, tweeted “birds of a feather flock together.”

Political consultant Mike Madrid, a co-founder of the Republican anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project, wrote that Wilson “just made Joe Biden’s Latino outreach effort a lot easier.”

– Staff reports

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