Signs are prepared for a Black Lives Matter march from the harbor to Hillcrest
Signs are prepared for an earlier Black Lives Matter march. Photo by Chris Stone

Black Lives Matter protesters marched through Pacific Beach Saturday to call out racism, misogyny and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, organizers said.

The “We March Against Hate” protest march began at 9 a.m. at the Crystal Pier, 4500 Ocean Blvd., organizer Armon Harvey said. After marching through the streets of Pacific Beach, the protesters ended up back at the Crystal Pier at noon.

A couple hundred marchers demanded that the Pacific Beach community “become more of a diverse community and stop pushing out Blacks and browns and LGBTQ people,” Harvey said. “Pacific Beach residents and business owners have been pushing the narrative that PB is a white community with no outsiders welcome. We’re tired of them pushing us out.”

Harvey accused many businesses in PB of not hiring minorities for years.

“We’re finally getting people to rally together and to come together for a unity of change,” Harvey said.

–City News Service