Nearly 1,800 people gathered Monday for the fourth annual Live Well Advance and School Summit, a daylong conference with a special focus on homelessness.

Roseanne Haggerty, president and CEO of Community Solutions, encouraged attendees to unite and lean on San Diego’s reputation for innovation to come up with creative solutions to end homelessness.

Community Solutions is a New York City-based nonprofit organization that works to achieve a lasting end to people living without shelter.

Haggerty also moderated a session designed to bring together diverse San Diego community leaders to talk about developing a broad community strategy to maximize the effort to make a significant impact on the homelessness issue.

Uniting for Impact was the theme of the event at the San Diego Marriott Marquis that shared strategies that promote the county’s vision of a healthy and safe region.

Sessions covered a variety of topics including person-centered care, make the regional economy more inclusive, creating a healthy school climate, using wellness initiatives to create a culture of psychological safety and learning interventions, tools and resources to make schools safer for students.

For the first time, the annual Live Well School Summit on Student Engagement and Attendance was held in conjunction with the Advance.

Sessions included sharing local resources for schools, staff, students and families; tackling chronic absenteeism; and making schools safer by improving school, community and parent communication.