Trump supporter Sean Colgan.
Sean Colgan of Oceanside boasts of leading the longest running Pro-Trump Rally in the country. Photo by Chris Stone

On the verge of a new year — and new Congress — North County’s No. 1 Donald Trump fan admits the president will face calls for impeachment.

But such efforts “won’t go anywhere,” says Sean Colgan of Oceanside in his eighth interview with Times of San Diego — and first since the November midterm elections.

“I have no doubt that there will be much noise and clamor from the Democrats,” says Colgan, 62. “But the senior leadership of the Democratic Party is made up of lawyers, and even highly partisan lawyers can see that this particular piggybank is empty.”

The leader of regular Trump-supporting rallies notes that the key figure is 20 — the number of GOP senators needed to reach a two-thirds vote for conviction.

“Only the very delusional think that’s going to happen,” Colgan says. “And to repeat, after two years of searching, there’s zero evidence of collusion. So, no, I don’t think there’s going to be articles of impeachment.”

As the partial federal shutdown entered a second week, Colgan partially concedes that Trump caved to conservative pundits Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter demanding funding for a promised border wall.

“How much weight should be given to what they have to say?” he said. “Our president shouldn’t obey them by any means. But they’re both very popular, proving that what they have to say reflects the thinking of many in this country, and listening to We The People have to say is, of course, part of any president’s job description.”

(But Colgan says: “I never developed a ‘taste’ for Limbaugh, so I have no idea what he’s said about the matter. Based on what I’ve learned from reading several of her books, I have a very high regard for Ms. Coulter. Unfortunately, I’ve been far too busy to follow her thoughts on this matter.”)

This interview was conducted via email:

Times of San Diego: Trump says he won’t end the partial federal shutdown unless $5 billion goes to build a southern border wall. Will he keep his promise?

Sean Colgan: I have no idea if he will keep his promise. I certainly hope he does.

Is Trump to blame for the shutdown or the Democrats — despite Trump saying he would “take the mantle” of the shutdown?

Both are responsible. Trump for finally going for the much needed wall, Democrats for refusing to fund it

What kind of border security do you want? Concrete wall? Steel slats? High-tech surveillance?

A physical wall is desperately needed. How that gets done is a question for experts. No, it won’t stop everyone, but it will stop most of them, including the mass “invasions” that occur. Coupled with the high-tech surveillance that it also needed, it will also greatly hinder those who pose the greatest danger: Those who try to bring in weapons and large amounts of illegal drugs.

Did you regard the Central American “caravan” of asylum- and job-seekers a serious threat to American security?

The rhetoric regarding the latest caravan is overblown. On both sides. It isn’t an “invading army,” but neither is it merely just a bunch of innocent people fleeing violence. That you label them as “asylum- and job-seekers” without the word “allegedly” is overly presumptive at best, and shows that politics, not reality, drives the labels.

As for how dangerous this caravan is, that depends on your definition of danger. The chief of police for Tijuana said there are 500 gang-bangers in the caravan. Is that an accurate number? Gang-bangers are certainly part of the caravan.

How many? Impossible to say. But the question not being asked is: How many dead Americans is an acceptable number? Even if there’s only 50 gang-bangers (a low guess considering how many unmarried men in their 20s are traveling with the group), that’s too high a risk as far as I’m concerned, and justifies completely our president’s desire to vet each and every member of the caravan before allowing them into this country.

But the biggest danger posed comes from the politicization of the matter by the Democratic Party, and others. Which would include The Press. The proper term for what is sought by the members of the caravan is POLITICAL asylum.

Despite the biased terminology used by The Press, it isn’t fear of violence that imposes a burden by treaty on this country. It’s fear of POLITICAL violence that does so. That The Press refuses to point that out is proof of bias on their part.

As for how asylum seekers should be dealt with, those who follow the law and properly present themselves to the proper officials should have their claim of POLITICAL persecution quickly evaluated. All others should be shown the door.

House Democrats, picking up a net 40 seats, won about 10 million more votes than House Republicans. Many San Diego races went to Democrats. Some are crediting the Trump Effect — energizing voters against the president. Why did so many Republicans lose?

Yes, many congressional seats went blue. Thanks in large part to the use of “harvested ballots,” something that is a felony in many states. I’d wonder why something with such a high potential for fraud is allowed here if it weren’t for the fact that the Democratic Party is fully in charge of how things are done in this state.

From the very start, the Democrats made it all about Trump. That then was the “field of battle” for this election season. That was where the fight was going to be.

Instead of meeting the Democrats in that field of battle, the GOP foolishly tried to ignore this reality instead of embracing it. Oh, pointing out how each candidate performed in his last term should have been a part of the plan of action, but ignoring the “elephant in the room” (pun intended) was, in my humble opinion, a major mistake. One that the results prove to have been true.

Jim Mattis resigned as defense secretary in a way many consider a slap at Trump’s foreign policy. Do you agree with Trump on his Syria pullout?

Syria is (in my humble opinion) a problem without a solution. One brutal dictator may, or may not, be replaced by another brutal dictator. Maybe the Russians will support him, maybe they won’t. Same for the Iranians. Same for all the others grasping for power there. But the chances of real peace, real freedom, there? Very low. Given that it’s not our problem in the first place, I must wonder why we’re spending the lives of our troops at all.

The stock market has tanked lately. Does Trump bear any responsibility for this, given his inconsistent remarks on the tariff war with China?

The stock market has gone down. Then it shot back up. Maybe it will be down next week. Maybe it won’t. The stock market is hardly a vision of stability at any time. Further, I don’t see any “inconsistency” in what our president has said. Stopping other countries, but ESPECIALLY the Chinese, from robbing us blind has always been his goal. Tariffs are how that gets done. Tariffs were going to be a big part of our president’s agenda. Anyone who thought otherwise simply wasn’t paying attention.

Some reports suggest thatTrump is considering resigning if it saves his children and son-in-law Jared Kushner from prosecution. Is this plausible? What should Trump do if his relatives are charged in the Robert Mueller probe?

Our president went into office with a mission: To reverse the harm done to us over the last several decades, and especially over the eight years prior to his service. I don’t believe that the level of vitriol sent his way as a response surprises him in any way.

His response to the “investigation” by Mueller should be to point out the reality that even after two years, there’s still not a smidgen of evidence of collusion between his campaign (or his family) and the Russians. Only the most rabid leftists think that there ever will be. So I don’t believe that he will resign for any reason.

An anonymous White House official wrote in September that he/she was one of the “senior officials … working diligently from within to frustrate parts of [Trump’s] agenda and his worst inclinations.” What was your reaction to this essay and its message?

IF this is real, then it’s treason. Even if it doesn’t meet the technical definition of treason, it’s just flat wrong. The ONLY proper way to resist what one thinks is a bad policy by the president is to resign (as Mattis did) and then join the opposition party to work against that policy.

That the Democrats are clapping their hands in glee over the thought that there could be such a person in the White House is just additional proof that obeying the law matters little to them.

For instance, Democrats, by and large, don’t like the 2nd Amendment, despite the overwhelming evidence that the Founding Fathers intended that We The People (all of us) have the means to oppose any army that threatened to deprive us of our God-given rights. Including our own, if it came to that.

But having no respect for the law (in this case, the highest law, the Constitution), they make no effort to obey Article V and instead try to “nickel and dime” the matter to death. Their glee regarding the “anonymous official” is only more of the same.

Did you believe Brett Kavanaugh or his sex-assault accuser Christine Blasey Ford in their Senate testimony? Did Kavanaugh show judicial temperament in his appearance?

I totally believed Judge Kavanaugh. It wasn’t just that there was zero evidence of the matter that lead me to completely disbelieve Christine Blasey Ford. It was the evidence (sworn testimony) that showed that her claims were baseless that did that.

Also, it wasn’t that she didn’t tell the cops then about the alleged rape that mattered. It was the fact that she didn’t tell anybody about it then that mattered. In addition, guys that are into rape don’t stop when they grow up. If her claims were true, I have no doubt that something would have arisen in one of the five background checks run on Judge Kavanaugh by the FBI. And yet, there was absolutely nothing.

As for Judge Kavanaugh’s temperament — he wasn’t there as a judge. He was there as a target. That being the case, his temperament was much better than his inquisitors had a right to expect.

Why is Trump having problems filling key jobs — such as chief of staff, where Mick Mulvaney, successor to John Kelly, wants “acting” part of his title?

Hard to say. President Trump has an “operations manual” unlike that of any previous president. One based (or so I believe) on “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. Serving under a man who operates like that cannot be easy. Also, there are many things being done in D.C. just because they’ve always been done. President Trump doesn’t seem to care about following that, or any other, precedent. Which doesn’t make service under him any easier. Maybe that’s all there is to it.

What, on the national politics front, do you expect the new year to bring?

I expect calls for impeachment (which, as explained above, won’t go anywhere) and increased levels of political violence (which, sadly, I think will) coming from or inspired by The Left. I don’t expect any real political discourse from either side.

Oh, there are those, on both sides, who will try for that. I just don’t expect them to succeed. And so I expect mostly gridlock. I also expect that the GOP will use California as a shining example of what happens when the Democratic Party has total control in the statehouse (something that isn’t the case even in Illinois).

Their idea to impose a tax covering the past five years on texting, while shot down by the FCC very quickly, is only the start of what the Democrats will do to us. The constitutional prohibition on ex post facto laws is (clearly) as irrelevant to the Democrats of this state as are any and all other parts of the Constitution.

The pain here in California is only going to get worse. The only hope that freedom lovers here have is that the national GOP will take advantage of the opportunity that (Gov.-elect Gavin) Newsom and the California Democrats will lay before them.

Democrat Mike Levin, the environmental attorney, will be your new congressman. What can he do to improve your life?

Congressman Levin can make my life easier if he obeys the “Operating Manual” for the republic — the Constitution. I don’t think he will, but that would be nice.