Shelter Island Boat Launch
Construction work at the Shelter Island Boat Launch. Photo by Chris Jennewein

Work to improve the Shelter Island Boat Launch is progressing, but the popular facility will not reopen until late 2018, the Port of San Diego announced.

During excavation for the $9.5 million project, the contractor encountered an extensive number of large, buried concrete debris that had to be removed.

“The Port of San Diego recognizes that this extended closure impacts boaters during the summer season, but due to safety concerns, the ramp cannot be opened at this time,” the port said.

The port said it is working with the contractor to allow public use of one boat ramp beginning later in the summer season.

Often described as the busiest boat launch in California, with an estimated 50,000 launches annually, the Shelter Island Boat Launch had been in need of improvements for some time.

Upgrades include enlarging the maneuvering area in the basin, replacing the worn-out launch ramp, increasing the lengths of the boarding floats, installing public walking platforms with viewing areas, and updating the adjacent parking and restroom.

Chris Jennewein

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.