Hillary Clinton at a rally. Photo courtesy of HillaryClinton.com
Hillary Clinton at a rally. Photo courtesy of the campaign

California Gov. Jerry Brown announced Tuesday he is endorsing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for President, saying it’s time for Democrats to stop fighting.

“I have decided to cast my vote for Hillary Clinton because I believe this is the only path forward to win the presidency and stop the dangerous candidacy of Donald Trump,” said Brown.

The governor, who is a Democrat, said he was “deeply impressed” by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and his message about income inequality, but concluded that “Hillary Clinton has convincingly made the case that she knows how to get things done and has the tenacity and skill to advance the Democratic agenda.”

The endorsement comes at a key time for the Clinton campaign. Though she is almost certain to win the Democratic nomination, a convincing win in the largest state would allow her to concentrate on fighting Trump, a real estate developer and reality TV star.

Brown warned that Trump is a dangerous candidate because he has called climate change a “hoax,” promised to deport millions of immigrants and suggested that Japan and South Korea need nuclear weapons.

“The stakes couldn’t be higher,” said Brown. “Our country faces an existential threat from climate change and the spread of nuclear weapons. A new cold war is on the horizon. This is no time for Democrats to keep fighting each other.”

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Chris Jennewein

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.