Mayor Kevin Faulconer announcing special elections can occur for the stadium vote to keep the Chargers in town. Photo credit: Alexander Nguyen

San Diego’s Kevin Faulconer and National City’s Ron Morrison are among 35 mayors who have signed a resolution urging aggressive action against commercial sex trafficking, a group called Demand Abolition announced Friday.

The document calls on President Barack Obama and Congress to fully implement the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, which provides funding to law enforcement agencies and victim support services.

Actions would target customers, pimps and human traffickers, according to the organization, which focuses on reducing the demand for purchasing sex. The illegal sex trade causes public safety, economic and health hazards for cities, according to Demand Abolition.

The group said that the JVTA is the first comprehensive bill to address the domestic trafficking of American citizens, providing funding for survivor services — partially paid for with money collected from convicted sex buyers and traffickers — as well as new tools for law enforcement to investigate and prosecute trafficking crimes in local jurisdictions.

The mayors of major cities such as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas,    Los Angeles, New York and Phoenix also have signed the resolution, issued before the 83rd annual Conference of Mayors.

The mayors’ meeting begins this weekend in San Francisco. The resolution is scheduled for final consideration by the mayors on Monday.

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