Elon Musk
Tesla CEO Elon Musk speaks at his company’s factory in Fremont. REUTERS/Noah Berger

Elon Musk just gave $5.7 billion in Tesla stock to charity. Though we don’t know the specifics about his donations, we do know that Musk is about results and solving problems.  He is not one to follow politically correct woke roads to nowhere.

Because the human stakes are so high, I would like to appeal to Elon about the pervasive homeless crisis raging on our streets.

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Elon, we understand that your time needs to be devoted to getting to Mars and building your next 20 million Teslas. However, simultaneously, you could also be “the instrumental voice” in saving hundreds of thousands of lives, alleviating widespread suffering, unlocking unfathomable human potential, and cleaning up America’s cities that are rapidly being devoured by a homeless explosion.  

Our so-called elected leaders talk incessantly about the homeless problem, continuously plead for more money, and yet the problem only worsens. And our leaders repeat this same circular pattern, year after year.  Madness.

Likewise, American voters have shown an utter inability to fire leaders who can’t or won’t solve our problems. More madness.

Thus, we need a new approach.

What if you publicly announce “Elon’s Homeless Challenge to America” with the goal of pursuing an entirely different pathway to solving this problem?   

Specifically, what if you challenge San Diego (or any other American jurisdiction with at least one million people) to host a three-year beta test of the Sunbreak Ranch comprehensive homeless solution. With the caveat that the agreed upon hosting city strictly adheres to the Sunbreak modus operandi. In turn, Elon, you pledge to fund this beta test up to $200 million.  

To give meaning to the magnitude of human suffering we are talking about here, consider that over 580,000 people are currently living and sleeping on the streets and canyons of the United States today. In San Diego alone, the true homeless numbers are likely in excess of 20,000 in the city proper, and 45,000 countywide.

Despite what many have been numbed into thinking, this carnage is not a fait accompli. Take a hard look at the majority of cities around the world that aren’t committing city-suicide via homelessness like we are. And we are talking about cities rich and poor, large and small.  

Think about the human suffering and vast human potential being lost across America. Think about the associated crime, disease, and widespread environmental carnage.

This beta test, wherever conducted, should be strictly monitored and results reported. If the test proves to be the success we expect, we intend to publicize, cajole and guilt America’s elected leaders to replicate the Sunbreak model in every city where there is need.

Let’s stop the empty political talk, and start helping our homeless brothers and sisters get back on their feet.  

Once we have a successful proof-of-concept in hand, all future Sunbreak funding then becomes the government’s responsibility, not yours Elon. Tens of billions of dollars are being squandered on the homeless issue annually without definable results or meaningful progress.  Nuts. 

This beta test could launch the critically needed sea change in thinking that America needs.  

Noting that you, Elon, are too busy to spend time on this issue yourself, we have the makings of an oversight board at the ready for a Sunbreak Ranch San Diego. Or perhaps there is a more suitable city for the beta test. Whichever city you select, the board is to report to you (or your go-between) daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever you prefer. The goal here is to save lives and clean up our cities.  

Short of embracing something like Sunbreak to turn the tide, the fabric of America’s cities will continue to crumble. And soon enough, America will be exporting this homeless lifestyle around the globe…just like it has McDonalds and Coca-Cola.

Human progress is for those who seize it.  

Laser-speed and God-speed to you, Elon.

George Mullen is the author of “The Coming Financial Tsunami” (2005) and “Welcome to the Bubble Economy” (2006), which accurately predicted the 2007-08 global economic crash. He is spearheading Sunbreak Ranch in the effort to end America’s homeless crisis. He is a principal of StudioRevolution.com and a native of San Diego.