Class at Miramar College
Professor and students at Miramar College on the first day of class in August. Courtesy SDCCD

Local 1931 of the American Federation of Teachers, representing community college staff in San Diego County, has disgraced itself.

It has done so by approving an anti-Semitic resolution effectively calling for the end of the world’s only Jewish state. The body of the resolution contains various lies about Israel, and its mealy-mouthed assurance that it is not supportive of anti-Semitism falls flat in the face of the fundamentally anti-Semitic purpose of the resolution.

Local 1931 has approved no resolution calling for the destruction of China, which has thrown over a million Uighurs into concentration camps. It has approved no resolution calling for the destruction of Iran, which hangs LGBTQ+ people from construction cranes, and is a world-wide sponsor of terrorism.

It has approved no resolution calling for the destruction of Turkey, which has illegally occupied Northern Cyprus for decades. In fact, Local 1931 has made no forays into the sphere of international politics and relations except in this case, to call for Israel’s destruction.

A labor union’s focus is supposed to be on maintaining and improving the rights and privileges of its membership in the workplace. How unfortunate that Local 1931 has seen fit to turn itself into an anti-Semitic cesspool instead.

It has done its membership, its parent organization, and the Jewish community a grave disservice.

Daniel H. Trigoboff, Ph.D.
Williamsville, N

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