Google Analytics map of Times of San Diego's traffic in May showing concentration in Southern California.
A Google Analytics map of Times of San Diego’s traffic in May shows the concentration in Southern California as well as readership in major cities elsewhere in the nation and world. The two largest circles are San Diego and Los Angeles.

Breaking news coverage of the wildfires in May brought tens of thousands of new readers to Times of San Diego, which ended its second full month with 113,971 unique visitors.

May’s readership was 127 percent higher than in April, which saw 50,101 readers. The site went public on March 13 and recorded 5,655 readers during that partial month.

May 14, when wildfires were burning in Carlsbad, San Marcos and Camp Pendleton, was the busiest day for the site at just over 20,000 users. The most popular article of the month was one about the first wildfire starting in 4S Ranch, viewed some 15,800 times.

The local-news website’s readership continues to be predominantly local and regional. The City of San Diego was the location of 29 percent of the traffic, followed by 21 percent elsewhere in San Diego County, and 14 percent in the rest of Southern California. The balance of the traffic, some 36 percent, was national and international, driven by Google News.

The readers are a mobile group. One-third read Times of San Diego on a smartphone, 11 percent on a tablet, and the balance, 56 percent, on a desktop computer.

The data is from Google Analytics and is based on unique users and sessions. A unique user is an individual who visits a site at least once and is counted only once, no matter how many times he or she visits the site. A session starts when a user first interacts with a site and ends when there is no interaction for 30 minutes.

Beginning with the month of June, Times of San Diego will be tracked by Quantcast in addition to Google Analytics.

Times of San Diego publishes essential local news and thoughtful opinion for readers in the San Diego metropolitan area. Its target audience is younger readers who prefer to get their news online.

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Chris Jennewein

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.