Times of San Diego completed its first full calendar month of operation with 50,102 readers in April, according to Google Analytics.

The start-up news site, which launched March 13, covers essential news and publishes thoughtful commentary for the entire San Diego metropolitan area.

Map from Google Analytics shows where traffic to Times of San Diego originates.

Key metrics for the month of April include:

Young Readers: 61% are 34 or younger, and more than three-quarters are under the age of 45. This is in contrast to traditional media such as newspapers and broadcast television, which reach an older audience.

Mobile users: 34% read Times of San Diego on a smart phone, and 11% use a tablet. The website uses responsive design to automatically fit different screen sizes.

Regional Audience: 27% of readers are in the city of San Diego, 18% in other communities in San Diego county, and 10% elsewhere in Southern California. As the audience grows, the site is getting more national and even international traffic.

Readers are “unique visitors” in Internet parlance, meaning someone who visited the site at least once during the first month. The readership data is based on visits, with many readers coming to the site multiple times.

Times of San Diego welcomes news tips and press releases, op-ed articles and advertising inquiries, as well as suggestions for improvement.

Chris Jennewein

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.