Being a new parent can be both exciting and overwhelming. There’s the excitement of welcoming a new person into the world and committing yourself to being the best parent possible. However, it can also be overwhelming understanding all that is needed to properly care for your child. 

As a parent to two kids (ages 4 and 6), I feel as though I’ve tried all the products out there. Here are my suggestions on the must-haves for new parents.

A Quality Baby Monitor: You probably know by now that there are too many baby monitors on the market. I’ve had my share of failed baby monitor purchases either because the quality was poor, the range was too short or it simply stopped working after a year. I recommend the CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor, a monitor that is truly smart. Co-created by a parent and a pediatrician, the product has all the features including: A covered face/rollover alert, danger zone alert (a geofencing feature that allows parents to create a forbidden zone and be notified when the child enters), cry detection alert, automatic photo capture, 18-hour video playback and more. 

Health and Wellness Essentials: Stock up on the health and wellness essentials for your newborn, including this pack from Mommy’s Bliss that offers gripe water, Vitamin D drops, saline drops and gas relief drops in one. Mamieli is also making parenting easier with the ultimate Baby Health & Grooming Kit that includes everything you’ll need for the first year of your child’s life including Tylenol, a hospital-grade thermometer and more. Best of all, it’s packaged in a durable medicine box. Nervous about trimming your little one’s nails? Lil Nipper makes it easy and stress-free with its Lil Nipper Automatic Fingernail Clipper, which provides gentle clips of a tiny sliver of a nail at a time. Speaking of stress-free, Dr. Noze Best is making nasal suction for parents less daunting with the NozeBot. The NozeBot is battery-powered and is quick and efficient! Finally, take care of yourself with Tubby Todd ‘s Mama Gift Set complete with nipple balm, hand cream and belly oil to help you through the motherhood journey. 

Feeding Tools: Finding a breast pump that works for you and milk bottles that work for your newborn may be one of the biggest challenges new parents face. Motif Medical’s signature Luna breast pump has rave reviews for pumping more milk out and being quieter than other breast pumps. Covered by insurance, the Luna breast pump is also available in battery-powered mode. Can’t figure out what’s needed when it comes to bottle-feeding? Momi simplifies it for new parents with the 3-bottle starter set complete with different-flow nipples, bottles, cleaning tools and more. Won’t see baby for awhile after you pump? Use Pippy Sips to help you keep the milk cold and safe for the baby.

And, when the baby is ready to eat solid foods — you’ll want a durable high-chair for the journey. Peg Perego’s Siesta High Chair is the ultimate multifunctional high chair that works for babies to toddlers. Finally, if you want to try baby-led weaning, let THEO’S help you on that journey. The company offers eco-friendly utensils, disposable splat mats and more. 

The Soothers: Bring comfort and warmth to your little one with Little Unicorn’s Muslin Squares. The cozy, soft blankets are designed for it all — feeding, sleeping, playing and most of all, soothing. Also, be sure to grab the Lil’ Luvs Sloth Soother to bring peace to your newborn no matter where they are. A cuddly toy that also plays soothing sounds and melodies, your baby will feel safe at all times — and may actually doze off on car rides! At home, give your baby quality sleep with the help of the SNOObie Smart Soother, an all-in-one bedtime buddy for little ones with features like soothing white noise, a customizable/dimmable night light, guided breathing utilizing lights and sounds and more. The Sleepea Swaddle, AKA “The 5-second swaddle,” is also a must-have for helping baby sleep.

On-The-Go Support: Simplify how you carry all of baby’s essentials with the Little Unicorn Skyline Backpack, which comes with two compartments so baby has their space and you have yours! It’s also made of premium vegan leather and takes diaper bag to the cool and trendy level. If you love the belt bag trend, then you’ll love the Kibou, which is fashionable, yet functional and comes with a diaper pad! For active parents, you’ll love the Thule Urban Glide 2, an all-terrain jogging stroller that is easy to fold, yet durable. Need a compact stroller for travel? Try the Colugo, which folds with one-hand, is light at 16 pounds and comes with a washable layer. Every parent needs a solid baby carrier and Wild Bird has one for all parents. Wild Bird’s baby carrier sits higher than most baby carriers on the market, which makes it better suited for the natural hip line. They also come in two size ranges so you are sure to find the perfect fit. Travel Bug also has an assortment of products in mind to making traveling easier with children, including Soft-Sided Car Mirror, 2-in-1 Head Support and even a Shopping Cart + Car Seat Cover.

Toys and More: Of course, you need engaging toys for children — even the newborns. We love the range of captivating toys available to babies, including the 7-in-1 Senses & Stages Developmental Gym, Take Me with You Zebra baby walker and LeapFrog Fruit Colors Learning Smoothie. Infantino also offers a Foldable Soft Foam Mat where babies can play safely and a 4-in-1 Jumbo Activity Gym and Ball Pit that’s a secured play space with sensory toys, 40 balls and more. If you’re on-the-go, try Infantino’s Spiral & Stretch Activity Toy for carseat fun and Pat & Play Water Mats.

Be sure to also invest in quality floaties for swimming, such as the SwimWays Baby Swim Float, and monthly milestones blocks, such as GUND’s soft blocks, which are perfect for playing and for pictures.

Finally, be in touch with your child’s feelings early on! This beautiful Feelings Spinner is great for young children and teenagers to allow them to tell you how they feel when verbal communication doesn’t work. 

What are your recommendations for new parents? Tell us in the comments.


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