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WonderFold P2 Pet Stroller Wagon. Courtesy photo

April 11 marks National Pet Day where we celebrate our animal family members! As a dog mom myself, I love any day where I get to show my pup extra love (not that he doesn’t get love everyday!). My fellow animal lovers and I tested out an assortment of products that we think your pets will love. 

Here’s our roundup of top pet products. 

HandsOn Gloves: Who doesn’t love a good back or belly rub? HandsOn Gloves offers cool products that help you better groom your furry friends. HandsOn Gloves scrubbing nodules and hypo-allergenic, bio-friendly components are clinically proven to be safe for use with humans and animals, and keeps all the shedding to a minimum. The gloves work wet or dry, and come in five sizes and a variety of colors like red, green, blue, grey and purple.

WonderFold P2 Pet Stroller Wagon: Cruise around with your pet in style with the WonderFold stroller designed for pets under 30 pounds. This is an ideal gift for the newborn pets or the older pets who need more support during those long walks. The stroller is easy to fold and unfold, has interior tethers to attach a leash, a canopy and a removable and washable floor pad. 

Dharma Dog Karma Cat: If you’re looking for eco-friendly beds, toys and accessories for your pup or kitty, check out Dharma Dog Karma Cat — a line of products created by women artisans in Nepal. Not only are the products all environmentally sustainable and socially conscious, but they are comfy and fun for the pets! Be sure to check out their line of new, beach-themed wool cat toys.

SodaPup. Courtesy photo

SodaPup: Make eating fun with SodaPup’s treat dispensers that come in a variety of shapes and animals, including butterflies, whales and frogs. Even better, the veteran-owned business makes products that are created sustainably. 

The City Loo: Finally, a clean, indoor solution for dogs to go potty. The City Loo is a sleek-looking, smart potty for dogs under 20 pounds. It has clear acrylic walls, stainless steel hinges, with an interchangeable dog door entrance and comes in the color black or white.

Smarty Pear: There’s also a solution for cat parents to make the potty situation cleaner! Smarty Pear’s The Leo’s Loo Too smart automatic litter box automatically sifts after each visit. Paired with a connected app, parents can receive notifications after each use. Even better, there’s an  odor-controlling UV light to keep your home odor-free.

Wag Boards. Courtesy photo

Wag Boards: Spoil your pup with a charcuterie board designed specifically for him or her! The Wag Board is a charcuterie board made of high-quality single-ingredient novel proteins and dog cookies. It also looks beautiful. 

Kibou Fur Baby Bundle: Here’s a perfect bundle for pet parents on the go. The Kibou Fur Baby Gift Bundle, includes the classic Kibou fanny pack with an assortment of accessories, including a  collapsible bowl stasher, treat bag, wipes, hand sanitizer and more. 

Zoop: Say goodbye to heavy petcare products and hello to Zoop. Zoop offers non-toxic pet solutions made with natural ingredients and nanosilver ion-infused technology. The nanosilver ions help prevent harmful bacteria on your pet. 

Brutus Bone Broth: You’ve likely heard about the bone broth trend among humans. Well, it’s great for pups too! Brutus Bone Broth is all-natural and specifically designed for dogs. The broth is fortified with glucosamine and chondroitin for hip and joint health. It also comes in four flavors. Parents can also get a recipe book to make fun dishes for their fur babies. 

Simply Sage Dog Treats: SoCal parents will know the pain of seasonal allergies that are actually year-round! Simple Sage Dog Treats offers products to help dogs and cats cope with the seasonal changes. Products include paw balms, skin salves, and soaps will help soothe, heal, and repair your dog’s rough, dry, or cracked paws and irritated skin due to atopic dermatitis caused by environmental allergens. The products are lick-safe and perfect for cold, rainy, dry, or extreme weather conditions.

Aquapaw Slow Treater: Need entertainment for your pup? Try this Slow Treater to keep dogs busy and happy. It even works in the bathtub! If you want to extend the fun, freeze the Slow Treater extends the amount of time it will take for your pet to lick off their treat. They are also specifically designed to be stackable and freezer safe.

Copper Bowl: Upgrade the dishware with a copper bowl. Copper is known for inhibiting the growth of bacteria, which makes it perfect for storing your pet’s drinking water. As a result, using a copper pet bowl can help avoid the biofilm that forms in other types of pet bowls. Biofilm, which is a by-product of your pet’s saliva mixing with water, can contain disease causing viruses and bacteria. 

Sunmed Organic Peanut Butter Biscuits: We all know dogs love peanut butter, but this company takes it up a notch with their biscuit treats. The treats are filled with organic hemp extract, Vitamin E and coconut oil to promote skin and coat health.

Wufers: Show the ultimate love to your furry baby with Wufers, a brand that makes hand-decorated dog treats that are made with locally-sourced, human-grade ingredients. They are beautifully designed and great for celebrating any holiday.

Courtesy of Wüfers

What are your favorite pet products? Tell us in the comments.