Whitney Raser and her children. Courtesy photo

Whitney Raser said she has always loved being an educator. When she moved to Escondido with her family, it was a no-brainer for her to join the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum to positively impact the early childhood community.

“I love working to support children, families, and schools,” said Raser, who is the museum’s director of education. “Working for a nonprofit that ultimately provides programming for all these stakeholders is the best of all worlds.” 

What’s even better is that Raser is a parent — giving her more insight into how to work with children. 

“I have two young girls who have completely different personalities,” Raser said. “Watching them interact and approach the world in their unique, individual ways has really helped me to rethink how I approach both the programming we design, but also the management of our team. Every learner is different—whether the learner is big or little. Each perspective someone has is valid and distinctive. Honoring those perspectives and tailoring approaches to learning and leading is something I’ve learned from being a parent.”

But, the best part of her job is being able to have fun everyday, she said.

“Children are so imaginative and creative,” Raser said. “Designing programming that supports and promotes that kind of exploration through play makes each day at work original and really pushes me to be just as innovative as young children.” 

Inspired daily by other caregivers — whether they are mothers or fathers or grandparents — Raser said she hopes to be her own inspiration to her daughters.

“I hope to impart to my girls that women can be strong, courageous, kind, and brave,” she said. “There is no right or wrong way to be a woman, and I hope I can be an example to them that women can choose who they want to be.”

So, what kind of advice would Raser give to other moms who also juggle parenting and careers?

“There are not enough hours to do everything, so in the time you have with your kids, think about this question, ‘What do you want to do that will also bring you joy?’” she said. “I love going to classes and having experiences with my girls. Other people are far craftier at home or better bakers or coaches. Make time for doing the things that you like to do with your children even if it is sometimes hard to fit in. That positive feeling is what your children will likely remember more than the activity or event.”

For more information about the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum, go to sdcdm.org.

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