A refugee couple marries in Tijuana
Russian Semen Bobrovski and Ukrainian Darina Sakhniuk marry in Tijuana. REUTERS

Love broke all boundaries on Thursday as a Russian man married a Ukrainian woman in Tijuana to seek asylum in the United States.

Halfway around the world from their home countries, Russian Semen Bobrovski and Ukrainian Darina Sakhniuk got married at the Civil Registry offices of the Tijuana City Hall.

Before the Russian invasion, the couple lived in Ukraine and managed to leave the country and arrive in Tijuana two weeks ago to apply for refugee status in the United States.

U.S. authorities only allowed Sakhniuk to enter as a refugee, as the Russian community has not been allowed to enter the country since the war began.

The only Russians allowed to enter the United States are those who can prove with a document that they have family there.

Due to the restriction, the couple asked the municipal directorate of migrant services in Tijuana for support to get married.