Baby giraffe San Diego Zoo Safari Park
The baby giraffe born on Monday. Photo credit: Courtesy, San Diego Zoo & Safari Park

A two-day-old giraffe born at San Diego Zoo Safari Park has been euthanized, zoo officials said Thursday.

In an online statement, the zoo said specialists noticed the unnamed Masai calf, born on Monday to Zindzhi, had difficulty standing and was not nursing.

The male calf was taken to a Safari Park medical center where it received “around the clock care,” but after his condition worsened, “the team made the compassionate decision to euthanize the calf.”

“Zindzhi and the other members of the giraffe herd are being monitored closely for any unusual behavior after the calf’s passing,” the zoo’s statement read. “Please take a moment to offer your condolences to all who are feeling this difficult loss. We thank you for your support.”

City News Service