Torrey Pines State Park, a wide-open space for spectacular views and hiking. Photo credit: Wiki Commons

If social distancing was a best option last week, well, it’s all the rage now.

We’ve gone from no gatherings of more than 250, to no gatherings of 50, to no gatherings of 10 to a stay-at-home order. All in just a week.

You of course, could be that person, the one who insists it’s all good, because you feel well. But really, don’t be that person, y’all. You do have a grandma or an elderly neighbor.

What kind of person might you be? You might be inspired by these movements, captured or started on social media.

In Italy, musicians stepped out on their balconies to serenade nearby friends and neighbors. In Spain, residents coordinated a time to go out on porches and balconies to cheer all the medical personnel who’ve been working hard without regard to their own safety in the face of the coronavirus.

And on Wednesday,  fans worldwide viewed Beyonce’s “Homecoming” on Netflix together, a watch party organized on Twitter and endorsed by Queen Bey herself.

We may be distancing, but that doesn’t mean we have to be isolating.

There’s still the option of catching up to nature, and this week that means snow. Three inches fell on Mount Laguna, with trace amounts on Palomar Mountain, if you’re in remote San Diego County. 

As for the coast, try Torrey Pines State Reserve. Though visitors centers and cafes have shut down, the beaches and trails remain open, and one public health official said stay-at-home orders do not bar folks from getting some fresh air.

Stay-at-home crowd: Last week we gave you Netflix highlights (we already know who took over Netflix this week). Now we’ll share Digital Trends’ list of the best flicks on Amazon Prime. Choose from fan boy faves (the first Avengers and Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan), classic movie stars (McQueen in The Great Escape and DeNiro in Raging Bull), and 2019 critics faves the flew under the radar (The Report and The Last Black Man in San Francisco). Also, if you need to feel good, and who doesn’t, the Christmas fave It’s a Wonderful Life wouldn’t be out of place, even if we’re closer to Easter.

And by all means, get on a group chat and watch one of them with family and friends.

You also may just get goofy.

– Staff reports

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