(Photo courtesy of Caliber 3)

A San Marcos business that specializes in anti-terrorism self-defense lessons will host free community classes next week.

Caliber 3 USA, which recently opened its first North American location in the region, is an elite training academy from Israel that offers international security and combat training programs. Caliber 3 USA teaches individuals of all levels and ages how to protect themselves and loved ones through Krav Maga Self Defense, Combat Fitness, Weapons Safety and Training, and Home Invasion Scenario programs, the company said.

Caliber 3 was created in Israel by Col. Sharon Gat (Res), a counter-terror expert and member of the IDF, with the objective of bringing the leading counter terrorism, security and training academy to the world. All Caliber 3 instructors have served in the IDF and have undergone elite training, the company said.

Caliber 3 is certified by the Israeli Defense Forces, Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, Israeli Ministry of Defense, Israeli Police, Israeli Ministry of Homeland Security, Israeli Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the company said.

(Photo courtesy of Caliber 3)

Training courses offered during Community Week include Krav Maga Self Defense (adults and kids), Weapons Safety & Training, Home Invasion Scenario training and Combat Fitness.

For more information, go to https://caliber3usa.com/.