New giraffe calf joins the herd at San Diego Zoo’s Urban Jungle. San Diego Zoo’s Urban Jungle exhibit. Photo by Ken Bohn for the San Diego Zoo.

A male giraffe calf born on April 30 has joined the herd of Masai giraffes at the San Diego Zoo’s Urban Jungle exhibit.

This is mom Harriet’s fifth calf and the first offspring for sire Fred. The 157-pound male calf is getting loving attention from his experienced mom and can be seen in the maternity barn at the right side of the giraffe exhibit.

With recent news that U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service had conducted an initial review of an Endangered Species Act with the intention to list giraffes as endangered, each birth is a boost of hope for the species.

Giraffes are listed as vulnerable on The International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of endangered species, with population declines of up to 40 percent in the last 30 years.

San Diego Zoo Global supports a community conservation effort in northern Kenya that is finding ways for people and wildlife to live together. Guests who visit the zoo’s giraffe exhibit can purchase high-fiber biscuits that can be fed to the giraffes, and the money raised helps fund the non-profit’s community conservation work in Africa.