A properly placed rain barrel. Photo Courtesy SoCalSmartWater program.

The city of San Diego offers money-saving ways for water customers to conserve water. The city’s Public Utilities Department provides rebates through grant funding by the Department of Water Resources for removing lawns and installing rain barrels.

 Homeowners can apply now for financial rebates to convert their lawns into a drought resistant landscape. The city is offering a $1.25 per square foot rebate for all lawns that are converted. Converted areas must be designed to capture rainfall for reuse.

 Applications are now being taken for Rainwater Harvesting Rebates. Rain barrels and downspouts catch rainwater from hard surfaces such as rooftops. While San Diego isn’t in the rainy season yet, now is a good time to prepare. The barrels are a great way to conserve and then reuse the water for irrigation purposes. It also helps prevent pollution by reducing the amount of runoff that goes down the storm drain. Customers may receive $1 per gallon of barrel storage capacity for residential rainwater harvesting up to 400 gallons or $400 per property.

 More information about these and other rebates, as well as additional water conservation options is available on the city’s website at www.wastenowater.org.

 Additional funding may also be available for customers through the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and the San Diego County Water Authority.  For more information, including how to submit your application and reserve funds, go to www.bewaterwise.com

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