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Steve and Sherry Saltzman are free spirits who have always loved to travel. Now that the children are living their own international adventures, Steve and Sherry have the house to themselves. They wanted to re-create the outdoor bathroom experience from their favorite Caribbean resort, and the master bathroom had the space to do it. The couple hired Sol Quintana Wagoner and her team to make their dream a reality.

Bathroom at a Glance

  • Location: El Cajon, California
  • Who lives here: Steve and Sherry Saltzman, a pair of empty nesters
  • Size: 184 square feet
  • Designers: Sol Quintana Wagoner, senior interior designer, and Marisela Contreras, design assistant, at Jackson Design and Remodeling

The bathroom is connected to the master bedroom, and both the bathroom and bedroom have entry points to the outdoor patio. To create the couple’s dream outdoor oasis, the team had to extend the bathroom onto the outdoor patio. This bathroom expansion and complete remodel required new plumbing for both the indoor and outdoor shower, as well as structural changes to the floors and walls. By the end of the remodel, the couple could walk from the indoor shower to the outdoor shower with the slide of a door. Thousands of Shower Doors for Privacy and Style.

Before: This 1970s bathroom had a shower that was too small and too short for the homeowners. The remodel addressed these issues, as well as the old shag carpet, a small vanity and a raised bathtub.

After: Quintana Wagoner and her team replaced everything in the space to give the couple a contemporary resort experience in their master bathroom. Now the space is open and functional, and it lets in the light and nature.

Design challenges: Although going inside or out for a shower looks easy in this room, creating the dual experience was no easy feat. It was important to the design team that the shower wall slabs be installed without breaking or cracking. This master bathroom is on the second floor, so carrying 5-by-12-foot slabs up the stairs was difficult.

A second challenge came with making the showers flow seamlessly from indoor to outdoor. The sliding glass door that separates the two showers is actually an exterior patio door that required meticulous planning.

Storage: For additional storage, the design team added a tall cabinet beside the toilet and more storage under the vanity.

Main shower wall tile: Iron Grey, Neolith slab, San Diego Marble & Tile; shower accent wall tile: Jewel Stone, San Diego Marble & Tile; browse wall and floor tile

Shower materials: The design team and homeowners picked grand and luxurious materials for the shower. The back wall of the shower is made up of two slabs of Neolith sintered stone, a material that is similar to concrete with a more rustic texture. The small, rectangular tiles on the shower floor have a slight texture to prevent slipping.

The column between the glass walls is both functional and beautiful. It houses the plumbing, and the shimmering glass tile adds color to the space.

Shower bench: teak wood, Steamist tilt-up bath seat, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery. Pick the Perfect Shower Bench to Hold the Essentials.

Style: The interior of the master bathroom was designed to reflect the clients’ style and the style of their favorite Caribbean resort.

“A dark purple wall visually frames the view of the hillside forest just beyond the outdoor shower,” Quintana Wagoner says.

Open space: A couple of design tricks were used to make the bathroom feel open and light. A large mirror was installed above the vanity to lengthen the room, and a wall sconce was installed directly on the mirror to further illuminate the space.

The gray tiles on the floor were another way the design team made the room feel more open. These same tiles are in the shower, so they continue the flow right outside.

Floor tile: Modern Cemento, San Diego Marble & Tile; vanity counter: Marron Cohiba granite, Marmol Export USA; vanity: DeWils Custom Cabinetry; wall sconce: George Kovacs, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery; vanity sink: white, Myers, Mirabelle, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery; faucet: brushed nickel, Scala, Fortis, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

Outdoor Shower Space

Before: The outdoor patio is accessed from both the master bathroom and the master bedroom, and it had about 31 square feet of space that had not been maximized. This home was built in 1962 atop Mount Helix, and the clients felt that they could do better than a closed-in outdoor patio.

After: “This memorable master bath now evokes the experience of a Caribbean destination resort with a contemporary aesthetic,” Quintana Wagoner says. The outdoor shower is mostly used during the warmest months of the year, and the homeowners can easily cool off during heat waves like the one they experienced this summer.

Outdoor shower: Because this is a fully functioning shower, installation was similar to that of an indoor shower. To protect it from the elements, the design team used weatherproof materials and hardware. Shower wall tiles that resemble wood play up the natural feel of the outdoor spa experience. Skilled and Licensed Plumbers for Hire.

Privacy: The designers replaced the old wooden fence with a wall of frosted glass. Frosted glass maintains privacy, lets in natural light and still offers a view of the mountains.

Shower fixtures: oil-rubbed bronze, Voss collection, Moen, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

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