La Jolla Cove on a cloudy day. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

A cloudy overcast moved into the San Diego city beaches between Point Loma and Del Mar on Saturday, with a sunny week to follow, according to the National Weather Service.

San Diegans were reminded to drive slowly and use their low beams if they encounter dense fog.

It will feel like summer next week with fair, warm and dry weather, said forecasters. Temperatures could be anywhere from ten to twenty degrees above average. A high pressure aloft will create these unseasonably warm conditions.

Some temperatures may approach record-breaking territory, according to the National Weather Service. Low clouds or fog will be scarce, mostly limited to the coastal strip and offshore.

Temperatures are expected to range from 75 to 77, with an average high of 65 degrees.

This past winter featured persistent low-pressure troughs over the West Coast. Another strong ridge of high pressure is building, which will bring warm and dry conditions, said forecasters.

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