Baby Giraffe. File photo courtesy of San Diego Zoo
Baby Giraffe. File photo courtesy of San Diego Zoo

A one-week-old giraffe galloped out of the barn and into public view Friday, just in time for the San Diego Zoo to mark “World Giraffe Day” on Saturday.

The little guy was dropped June 16 at the zoo, in public view, apparently making that day quite an event for those lucky enough to be there.

“The lanky youngster weighed in at 146 pounds at birth and stands 6 feet 2 inches,” the zoo reported.

No name has been chosen for him yet, but the baby spent the last week in seclusion with his mama, Harriet, inside the giraffe barn until yesterday.

The wild giraffe population has dropped from 140,000 to fewer than 80,000 in the past 15 years because of habitat loss and livestock ranching in Africa, the zoo said.

The San Diego Zoo is participating in community conservation efforts in Kenya and Uganda, which strive to find ways for people and giraffes to co- exist.

— City News Service