Migrants immigrant smuggling coyotes
A SDPD officer with the driver following Sunday’s chase from Ocean Beach. Photo credit: OnScene.TV

Authorities took a driver into custody early Sunday after he sped away from Ocean Beach following the landing of a panga boat believed to be carrying more than 30 migrants.

The chase, according to OnScene.TV, ended in Bay Ho with the driver’s arrest. The status of up to five immigrants in the car with him – they fled on foot – is unknown.

The incident began, the service reported, with the panga boat’s arrival in Ocean Beach, where drivers in four or five vehicles, Mercedes and BMWs, waited. The migrants went to the cars, which departed, but a San Diego Police Department patrol spotted them.

SDPD chased one of the cars, a black BMW, as the driver allegedly ran stop signs and, when cornered in a cul-de-sac, allegedly nearly hit the patrol car.

More police units joined in the pursuit and followed the driver through city streets until he pulled over in the 4100 block of Jutland Drive.

The unnamed driver faces multiple charges, including reckless driving, felony evasion and assault on a police officer.

Authorities notified the U.S. Border Patrol of both the panga and the driver. San Diego lifeguards had called in the panga boat’s arrival in Ocean Beach to police, according to a SDPD field lieutenant.

The status of the other vehicles that fled the beach, along with the migrants inside, is unknown.

Migrants immigrant smuggling coyotes
The panga boat found in Ocean Beach prior to the police chase. Photo credit: OnScene.TV