San Diego Police car cruiser
A San Diego Police cruiser. Photo by Chris Stone

A pedestrian suffered a brain bleed Saturday after being hit by a BMW leaving a market parking lot in Del Cerro, San Diego police said.

The pedestrian, 63, was walking along the north sidewalk of the 6300 block of Del Cerro Boulevard around 5 p.m. as the driver of an orange 2016 BMW I-3 approached on a driveway leading from the Windmill Farms parking lot.

The pedestrian began to walk across the driveway, police said, and the BMW driver, 23, saw him walking in front of his car and waited. The driver, however, initiated his right turn too soon and struck the pedestrian with his right front end.

The man fell and hit his head on the sidewalk, suffering a skull fracture and brain bleed, but police said his injuries are not life threatening.

DUI is not suspected as a factor in the incident. The San Diego police traffic division is investigating.