cuffs, handcuffs

Photo credit: Alexander Nguyen

U.S. Border Patrol agents located and rescued two stranded men in the mountains under heavy rain east of Otay Mesa early Tuesday morning.

On March 10, around 12:30 a.m., two men dialed 911 and told law enforcement dispatchers that they were cold, wet, and lost somewhere deep in the San Ysidro Mountains. Border Patrol dispatch was notified and was able to guide San Diego Border Patrol agents, including members of the highly trained Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue unit or BORSTAR to the men’s suspected location. As they neared an area known as Copper Canyon, agents strategically searched the remote and rugged terrain to locate the men under heavy rain and dropping temperatures.

At around 2:30 a.m., Border Patrol agents located the two Mexican national men that were 25 and 22 years-of-age. When located, the men were about two miles north of the border and around six miles east of the Otay Mesa port of entry.

Agents guided the men out of the canyon and were further evaluated by BORSTAR where they were warmed, dried, and transported to a nearby Border Patrol station for identification and processing. Both were illegally present in the United States.

“Regardless of nationality or legal status, heroic Border Patrol agents continue to prioritize human life and risk their own safety to secure the safety of others,” said San Diego Sector Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Heitke. “This is why BORSTAR’s well-known motto is “So others may live.’

The two rescued men have had multiple encounters with U.S. Border Patrol and are currently in DHS custody pending removal proceedings.