Deadly  counterfeit oxycodone pills
The San Diego Sheriff’s Department released this photo of deadly counterfeit oxycodone pills.

Authorities issued an alert Thursday regarding counterfeit oxycodone pills linked to four overdose deaths.

Investigators connected the blue tablets, known as M-30s, to fatalities in Lakeside, Poway, Santee and Valley Center.

The deaths occurred over a 24-hour hour period beginning Wednesday, according to San Diego sheriff’s officials.

The dangerous street drug, a common form of counterfeit oxycodone, contains fentanyl. Authorities warned that a speck the size of a grain of salt can kill.

Detectives consulted with first responders to see if they have received similar overdose calls in recent days, according to the sheriff’s department.

Be wary, officials advised, of any pill obtained without a prescription. They called them unsafe for consumption.

– City News Service