Divers searching for missing Canadian girl in San Vicente Reservoir
San Diego County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue dive team searching for a Canadian girl who fell overboard in San Vicente Reservoir and presumed drowned. Photo courtesy of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department

The search for a Canadian girl who fell off a boat in San Vicente Reservoir near Lakeside and presumed drowned entered its fourth day and crews have yet to find her body.

On Tuesday, a coordinated effort by private, local, state, and federal agencies joined in the search for the 12-year-old girl. Some of the girl’s family members also joined in the search Tuesday.

“New today is the Scripps Institute of Oceanography with some underwater vehicle and technology and also the Public Utilities Department Wastewater Division,” San Diego Fire-Rescue spokeswoman Monica Munoz said. “They have technologies that they are very familiar with because they use it routinely to check the condition of wastewater pipes they have under water.”

Rescue teams were using every technology available to them, including autonomous underwater and remotely operated robots, to cover every spot in the search for the girl, she said.

Because the additional resources available Tuesday, crews were also researching areas they searched Monday to rule out certain spots, Munoz said.

“So with making multiple passes and then having additional information we were able to retrieve based on the information we information we gathered the last two days have been very helpful,” she said.

The reservoir is unusually deep — authorities estimate it to be about 130 feet deep — with lots of debris and murky water at the bottom, making the search difficult.

The yet-to-be-identified girl fell off a ski boat that was towing a float around 6 p.m. Saturday evening. She was sitting on the bow and the boat was drifting when she fell overboard, authorities said.

The girl was wearing a life vest when she fell but became dislodged sometime after she fell in. The vest was found and is now part of the investigation.