Computer Cop software given to parents by the district attorney has a security flaw. Courtesy photo.

Authorities in San Diego on Wednesday issued a warning about the security flaw of the Internet-monitoring software designed to help parents protect their children from becoming victims of online predators and bullying.

The “Computer Cop” software allows parents to quickly scan photos, videos, emails and chat messages on their children’s computers, looking for inappropriate content.

According to the District Attorney’s Office, recent reports have pointed out some privacy issues with the software, which — like most online tools — can be misused in the hands of crooks.

The issues can be easily corrected and the District Attorney’s Office is suggesting users of “Computer Cop” software protect their online privacy by not using the key stroke-logging feature and removing the software disc from the computer when not in use.

The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office provided the “Computer Cop” software to parents free of charge, in part due to an increase in prosecutions of Internet predators.

— City News Service

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