Victor Hernandez, owner of El Burrito Catering. Courtesy photo

San Diego native Victor Hernandez has many fond childhood memories with his relatives — many of which involve great food. He recalls spending summers with his grandfather, who owned a catering business, on his ranch in Michoacán, Mexico. He also remembers the savory meals his parents made — such as carnitas and carne con chile — both of whom were also caterers.

Today, Hernandez is recreating those memories for his own family and his customers after he launched El Burrito Catering in January 2023. 

“Our food is authentic Mexican food with generational recipes that have been passed down,” Hernandez said. “Although we are a brand new business, my food and business differs because I have been blessed to have my family’s knowledge and experience taught and passed down to me from my parents and grandparents.” 

Inspired by his family, Hernandez said he did his training through his mother who still works with him to this day. 

“I couldn’t have had a better teacher,” he said. “She still continues to give me all her tips and tricks. My parents definitely inspired my love for food. Anytime our family got together, it always involved incredible food.”

Photo courtesy of El Burrito Catering

Although Hernandez and his wife, Aubrey, just launched their catering business — they hope to someday expand. In the meantime, they are thankful to share their love and talent for great Mexican food with San Diegans. 

“I want customers to feel good, happy, and impressed with the quality of our ingredients and the love we put into our food,” Hernandez said. “We’ve had some very supportive customers that follow us from stop to stop every week.”

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