Sign outside San Diego Gas & Electric building
A sign outside a San Diego Gas & Electric building. Courtesy of the company

San Diego Gas & Electric Friday began an energy efficiency upgrade program for renters and owners of single-family homes intended to help keep energy costs down.

The Residential Energy Solutions program allows participating customers to receive free products, such as smart thermostats and HVAC services such as air duct testing and sealing. The program has no income restrictions.

The goal of the program is “to help customers better manage their energy use, lower heating and cooling costs and achieve zero net energy for their home,” a statement from the utility company reads.

A zero net energy building is one in which the amount of energy consumed is less than or the same as the renewable energy generated.

“Not only can energy efficiency upgrades help our customers save long term on their energy bills and make their homes more comfortable,” said SDG&E Vice President of Customer Services Dana Golan. “Additionally, reducing energy use can help our region and our state cut greenhouse gas emissions and meet our climate goals.”

Products and services offered include smart thermostats able to be controlled remotely, high-efficiency, brushless fan motor, efficient fan control and duct test and seal and low-flow faucet aerators, low-flow shower heads, pipe wrap and thermostat shower valves.

SDG&E has contracted with Synergy Companies to help administer the program. Customers can request an appointment for a home visit from an energy efficiency expert via Synergy’s website or by calling 1-888-272-8394.

–City News Service